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PolyReg General Self-Regulatory Organisation
Regulations of PolyReg
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Becoming a member of PolyReg

Membership is open to persons or legal entities who offer services as a financial intermediary within the scope of article 2 paragraph 3 MLA having their legal domicile in Switzerland.

A member may be accepted under the following conditions:

  1. The member itself, the persons it entrusts with the tasks of management and administration, and all employees working for it in the domain of financial intermediation must enjoy a good reputation with regard to their activity as financial intermediaries and be able to guarantee fulfilment of their obligations under the MLA and the regulations.
  2. The member undertakes to conduct its activity at all times in accordance with the object laid down in the statutes.
  3. The member undertakes to comply at all times with the obligations laid down in the MLA, the directives issued by the control authority, and the regulations stipulated in Art. 25 MLA.

Applications for membership have to be filed at the administrative office and must make use of the application form which must be completed and duly signed.

Any subsequent changes of address, staff or any other information provided with the initial application shall be reported with no delay. Please use the form 'Reporting changes' for such reports.